Do using worship media detract from the message?

There are many churches that have taken on the idea of using media in church. Even though this may be a welcoming idea to some, there may be critics who are not accepting of the idea. Online church services may also sometimes use media while worshipping.

Why Use Media in Worship?

Using media such as computers for online church services or projection systems to boldly display a scripture is a major aspect of some churches. The use of media can possibly transform a church and help with growth. In today’s society digital media is a fundamental part of communication and churches can use this to their advantage. The use of media in worship is more about discovering new ways to communicate the same message that all churches are trying to get across to their members. It is more difficulty for a message being portrayed through to digital media to breakdown before reaching its intended audience. Many persons are more adaptive to learning through hearing and seeing things, the use of digital media heightens a person’s eyesight and senses and creates something more interesting for them to look at.