Is it time to switch to digital mixers in church?

A digital mixer also called a digital mixing console (DMC) is used to route, combine and change the properties of digital audio samples. A live stream church service may use a video mixer in service. A digital mixer is simply a new way of doing the same things that you have been doing in your church service. It is more complicated to use for those who do not understand it but persons can still learn how to use the mixer.

What is a Digital Mixer?

A digital mixer can change and route the properties of a digital audio sample. Digital mixers are more convenient to use, they are expandable and resistant to noise.The digital mixer uses a static number of buttons, faders and knobs to access one channel at a time.In changing channels to repurpose the faders, some digital mixers require switching among layers. Just as how there are many resources that provide information on how to stream church services, there are numerous information sources on the use of digital mixers.When deciding if your church will be moving into the use of a digital mixer there are questions that should be asked:

  • How many signal inputs will the console need to have now and in the future?
  • How many and what type of output sends will you need?
  • Who will be mixing or managing the device?

Many more informations in this site:

Sometimes there may be issues with the digital mixer that will need to be checked out by the manufacturer or dealer, so you should also consider if you will be able to get 24/7 support on the device.