Opportunity Knocks: How To Stay Connected To The Church When Away From Your “Home Church”

God blessed us with life. He blessed us with the gift of living on this earth. But he didn’t give us nine lives just in case we mess up. Don’t get me wrong, God constantly forgives and we are constantly given do-overs. But we don’t have a backup life. He only gave of us one of those.

Before you stop reading because you think this is going to turn into a “You Only Live Once” speech, just hear me out.

Opportunity knocks. Adventure beckons. Experience entices. Human beings have an innate desire to see the world, to understand other cultures, to do things that make a good story. Whether it’s jumping from an airplane, traveling to the farthest corner of Thailand, or just a bunch of teenagers wreaking havoc on a poor, small, unsuspecting town-we want to live life. We want to experience all we can. At least I do.