Live Stream Your Church Services for Almost Nothing

Would your church benefit from video-recording its services? Live church streaming and the desire to record your church services are big trends right now. And everyone seems to want in.

If, be that as it may, despite everything you’re keen on streaming your services, this article will take you through 3 checkpoints.

Also, if you endure every checkpoint, you’re one of only a handful few holy places that will profit by streaming services. What’s more, if you don’t endure the three checkpoints, don’t stress, there is a similarly effective alternative for your church.

If you’ve ever considered live church streaming your church services, this is for you.

Checkpoint #1: Price

Live church streaming will be expensive.  You can’t do this well with only one camera. Give me a chance to underscore this point: You just can’t.

Apparently, you could simply strap a webcam to a tripod and live stream through YouTube. In any case, if you’re in the session of giving up quality for cost, why not simply toss an adolescent in front of an audience to stage the sermon consistently.

And the simplest stream cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. That’s a lot of money.

Checkpoint #2: Church Size

Let’s look at some numbers:

  • 95% of churches in U.S. and Canada have 350 people or less
  • The average American Congregation have 75 people
  • 50% of all American churches have 75 people or less
  • There are only 35 churches consisting of 10,000 people or more in America

This information demonstrates one thing – most places of worship are little. What’s more, if your congregation comprises of under 350 individuals (95% of all holy places), this essayist is the conclusion that you won’t have a sufficiently strong group of onlookers watching your services legitimize the cost – regardless of the fact that you do have the cash to spend.

What’s more, past the monetary cost, the expense of working the gear every week is high as well. Check here!

Checkpoint #3: Purpose & Motivation

Why do you want to online church services?

This is the most vital inquiry you have to reply before you plunge into this mammoth undertaking. If your congregation is sufficiently substantial, and you have enough cash, the last question you should ask yourself is it accurate to say that this is: the reason would be we like? Is it since you need to contact individuals that aren’t physically ready to come to chapel every week? Is an ideal approach to contact those individuals demonstrating to them a video of what church resembled? In my psyche, that is not what the congregation is about by any means.

The Internet offers access to your entire city as well as the community at the press of a button. Stop re-broadcasting and actually be the online church services!

Solution #1:

If you’ve made it here to arrangement #1, you’ve effectively endured each of the three checkpoints. You are one of only a handful few places of worship that would profit by video-recording your services. Under 1% of houses of worship will ever make it this far.

Also, that is the purpose of this article – 90% of houses of worship shouldn’t film their services.

Solution #2:

If you made it to solution #2 you’re almost every church on the planet. Let’s face it, most of our churches don’t have the congregation or the resources to pull this off, so let’s try something else.


The live church streaming discussion involved and many considerations to take into account in this short article. Just remember this: many churches won’t benefit from streaming their services. And if your church won’t benefit from it, it’s not worth the mammoth undertaking and resources.

What do you think of live church streaming? Do you think it’s something your church will ever try?