HD cameras in church will make the difference between a good and bad picture?


High-definition (HD) cameras produce a better quality than regular standard-definition cameras. Churches who stream online church services can use a HD video camera to get better video quality for their streams. Whether it is just for taking pictures or taking videos, the definition of the camera will ultimately decide if the picture quality is good or bad.

The Four Best Video Cameras for your Church

There are numerous choices of cameras available and persons can easily chose the wrong one for the task that they need to be performed. For example for a church who wants to stream online church services, the right choice of camera is important so that the best video/picture quality is displayed. The four best video cameras for such a job are below:

  1. Canon T41/T51 – This canon camera is the most affordable and provides colours that look natural with lifelike skin-tones. The camera does however have a recording limit of 22-30 minutes so for the church services that go longer this may not be the ideal choice.
  2. Panasonic GH4 – This camera is good for stills, slow motion as well as 4K resolution. In 1080p high definition the camera can shoot at 60 frames per second.
  3. Canon 5D Mark III – This camera shoots beautiful stills as well as full frame videos so there is no crop factor. The price is however very steep but a good investment in the long run.
  4. Blackmagic Cameras – These are more professional cameras that shoot beautiful raw videos that are uncompressed. They are the most expensive but worth the investment.

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HD Cameras Provide Better Video Quality

HD cameras represent a step up from the regular standard-definition cameras that have been used. HD cameras are more suitable for live church streaming as they produce the better video/picture quality. It is important however to ensure that lighting is properly placed around the church so that there are no conflicts with the camera. In order for the camera to produce the best possible picture quality, lighting has to be on point and correctly placed with the right intensity. In the numbers of the technological world, a standard camera’s maximum frame size is 576 lines of pixels while a HD camera can display up to 1,920 lines of pixels and this is what gives the picture the clearer more detailed and better quality.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing HD Cameras

When purchasing a HD camera for use in church whether to help with live church streaming or just to shoot some videos of the sermon there are things to be considered. These considerations include: price, external camera controls and interchangeable lenses. The budget of the church is a vital part of the decision on which camera to purchase. If the camera will be used in videoing the service a tripod or universal camera control may be valuable additions.

There is no debate that HD cameras make the difference between a good and bad picture. The quality of an image produced by a HD camera is far more superior to the image produced by a standard camera. A church which produces online church services will find a HD camera beneficial.

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